Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny's third day here

A tired puppy is a beautiful thing.

Day three and I would say that Sunny feels quite confident in her new diggs.  She slept through the night until 6 am today - yeah!  I have been crating her for short periods in the house and she is accepting the lock down pretty good.  She was very good in her xpen during the day and didn't scream much at all. I notice she is a little shy when people come in to say hi to her.  A fear period could be starting so I will watch for that.  The fear periods can start about 9 weeks old.  There was a weird incident tonight after dinner when she was in the living room and I was fixing human dinner.  I heard her yipe and looked and she had been lying on the floor playing with a toy.  She got very restless and came in by my feet only to leave when the gas oven flame popped on.  She left and seemed agitated and moving around from place to place.  I couldn't figure it out at first and thought she might have a belly ache.  I did give her a few bites of natural balance roll tonight as a hand treat to start introducing a new food.  At any rate she was really nervous about something so I sat with her on the couch and she fell asleep right by my side.  I put her in her crate and finished dinner.  When she came out all seemed normal with her and she started terrorizing the household again so I knew all was well.  Only thing I can figure is that she heard something on the TV - Sam had the news on and they were showing the riots in Egypt.  Then the gas oven was on and it does make a low pop when the flame comes on.  Fear periods are common at this age.  I am going to go and find the information I have on them and brush up on the time frames and suggestions. 

Sunny was a hoot outside today on our exploration walks.  Oh she did make me laugh!  Fearless is an understatement with this pup!  She runs through all tunnels on her own.  The aframe was down very low for a beginners class I had and she ran over there and looked at me and then started over it.  Of course I ran over there and got her off!  I have just been going out with her off leash and she has been sticking pretty close, but today she was very confident about running over to say hi to the retired gang and taking off on her own to explore.  Probably 75 feet or more.  I will start taking a good treat with me tomorrow.  I haven't wanted to introduce anything new until I felt she was settled and poos stayed normal for a few days.  All is good with that so I will take some tidbits out with me tomorrow to reward her for coming to me and checking in.  She liked the natural balance I gave her tonight.  I like to introduce one new thing at a time so if she gets any tummy upset I will know what caused it.

I got her on the grooming table for just a short brush out.  She was such a good puppy.  Cathy did such a good job getting the pups ready for their new homes.  I will  get  Sunny on the grooming table once a day and make it a very pleasant experience for her.  I will start with the dremel tomorrow if I have time.  I know Cathy said she had done their nails a few times already.  Just need to keep that up.  All my dogs stand good to have their nails done - makes it so much easier on everyone if the dogs are started as young pups to accept their feet being worked on.