Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Caitland Girls Arrive!

Sunny's sister thinks leaves are a good find!

the flowers are a  nice touch :-)


Sunny getting pay back from her sister




The girls made it to California on Wednesday and I drove up to Los Gatos to pick up my puppy!  Driving conditions had been horrible all week in the valley because of the dense Tule fog, but it wasn't too bad that morning.  The four hour drive up there went smoothly and we met the G___'s right as they arrived from the airport.  Perfect timing!  I tried to get some pictures of the sisters playing but it was hard as they were running in and out of the shade, through the bushes and tearing up the landscaping LOL!!  They are both adorable puppies, full of enthusiasm and spunk.

Sunny's sire is Derby and her dam is Dare.  You can see them here: