Saturday, January 29, 2011


What trash?  In this can? I wasn't even thinking about it.  Nope - no way.  You got me all wrong.  I was just going to get my bully stick, it's here somewhere.

OMG the antics of puppies!  This girl is cracking me up.  Yesterday I was unloading stuff from a town trip.  I had put everything on the dog room floor so I could open the door to the yard and let Sunny run in and out while I worked at getting everything put away.  Sunny finds a big block of toilet paper from Costco and jumps up there and does her 360 spinning dance and then on off on off on off.  She got wired for speed and flew out the door into the yard and two laps around the yard and then flying back onto the TP block, onto a stepladder that was right by that and then launched herself onto a table.  The only thing missing was the cape flying from her shoulders!  She was about to try flying and I ran and grabbed her before she leaped to the floor.  This pup is fearless! 

I am changing the spelling to Sunny - too many questions about pronunciation and religion.  Keep it simple I always say :-)