Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Goes On

Rita at the river on Nov. 10
Rita playing like a puppy in the leaf pile on Nov 22

I started the day thinking about the new little red stinker that will be on her way across the border today.  And I am so happy, thrilled, excited and just bursting with anticipation.  But today I also couldn't keep my mind off of Rita.  Not sure what started it, but I went out into the field this morning  and remembered how she used to jump up and bark in my ear  - yeah - pissed me off sometimes too the little brat.  How she was so demanding and loved to go and do something - anything with me.    Then I cleaned out the van to get ready for the road trip tomorrow and found some of her favorite toys that we took to the river.  Her collar and tags - that did me in.  I cleaned out her crate and brushed away her dog hair.   And then there was the stuff from the last road trip I took to Davis with her - the day before she died.  Maps of Davis, receipts from the  vets.........

An emotional day.  I know there will be more of them.  At the same time I am SO EXCITED about going to get the new little red stinker tomorrow!  Another journey begins, raising a new little aussie puppy.  Life goes on.