Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunny at 16 Weeks

Sunny started losing her front teeth a few days ago - the shedding of those razor sharp teeth begins!!  HOORAY!  But poor Sunny - her mouth hurts.  She has been sleeping a little more - BTW this puppy never slept much.   I can tell she doesn't feel 100% right now.  She isn't tugging much, but she still will chase her toys and play with me.  Her appetite hasn't been as good the last couple days either.  So I will back off asking her to tug with me for a while, and just watch and see how she feels.

And she is also losing puppy fur, and growing her real coat in.  I noticed the puppy fur has gotten lighter and the hair coming in is dark - especially noticable on her back.  The cute little fluffy puppy is changing...........sigh.......it doesn't last long.  I have cherished every moment of the puppiness though.  Taken hundreds of pictures too.  I kind of hate to see her grow up so soon, but I won't miss the teeth :-)