Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Red Stinker ( :-D

I took Flint and Sunny to a park in Visalia toady.  That is Flint under the tree.  I got to practice with my new PnS camera - handy little thing I can carry in my purse :-)
I couldn't believe she held still for this - she does not know stay yet! 
Sunny is a pretty good retriever already!  Of course all these were taken at home where she can run free.  That would not be happening in any park right now LOL!!!

Hard to believe that Sunny is 15 weeks old already!  In the six weeks she has been here she has doubled in size - weighed 20.5 pounds when I took her in for her third vaccination on Tuesday.  She is starting to sprout legs but seems to be growing pretty evenly - at least for now. 

Sunny loves to be with me and this week when I built new agility courses she was my chore dog.  Let's see......she heeled the weave poles as I drug them across the field.  Helped me carry jumps - apparently pvc feels good in the mouth.  Oh, tried to help me drag a tunnel across the field but I put a stop to that - don't need teeth holes in the tunnels.  So she followed along beside the tunnel and made sure it didn't get out of line.  She carried around tunnel snuggler straps for me - problem was I had to round them all up again.  Supervised the staking of the tunnels....I developed a new style of holding down the strap with my foot to keep puppy from making off with the strap before I got a stake in it.  She was out with me for hours and I thought that a puppy should be tired by now - but she wasn't.  But I was finished building and had to number the courses, and she is not good at that - in fact - she moves all cones from their appointed obstacles.  So I put her in the back yard and let another one of my dogs, Vino, come to hang out with me for a while.  Well, Sunny was not happy about that arrangement at all and threw a little screaming fit in the yard.  I tried to ignore her.  I did ignore her until she showed up out in the field.  Little bugger figured out how to get through the fence.  There is about a 6 inch gap between a 3 ft. tall no climb fence and a fence board.  So much for the no climb fence.   

Now Vino does not like puppies - you could say he hates puppies.  So when the escapee Sunny came running out to see me,  I was a little panicked but tried to stay clam.  She knows Vino through a fence only.  I figured I would quietly try to corral the little stinker and get her put in an xpen.  Of course Sunny saw Vino and made a bee line for him.  I remained calm.  Apparently Sunny is good at reading dogs because she did not leap on him with her mouth wide open, grab fur and hang on like a tick.  That is her usual M O around the other dogs.  Nope - Sunny slows down and just casually walks by Vino... and Vino ignored her!  I was stunned.  So I let her stay out in the field and she was very respectful of the Vino man and did not once attempt to do anything puppish around him.  Smart girl!  I think I will let her hang out with Vino more often - she definitely could use the structured time around a dog she can't maul LOL!!!

How can a puppy so young be so darned smart?  She got out of the back yard fence again this evening.  I had put all the elder dogs in the dog room and was getting their food.  I left Sunny in the back yard while I got the bowls ready.  I looked out the kitchen window and she was out in the agility field!  Little stinker climbed through the fence again - only she really wanted back in because no one was out there.  I let her sweat it out for a while before I went and got her.  Crap!  Well, when she gets bigger she won't fit through that space.  I hope she doesn't learn to jump the 5 ft fence that is back there.  Flint did that trick for a while.

Let's see, what else did she do this week.  She can now go tire - tunnel for a thrown toy.  I even got jump - tunnel - tire today!  Of course jump bar is on the ground as is the tire - no jumping for puppies.  I am not really wanting to teach her to sequence already - she just does it.  She wants to work :-)  So I just find more things for her to do.  Outside this puppy is a dream to train, work and play with.  Inside this puppy, well, inside the house this puppy is mostly confined.  She will not be content to play quietly with a toy or chew on something.  No.  She constantly harasses Flint, runs from room to room, bites Sam, jumps from chairs to tables - she is a wild child.  I LOVE IT!!  So she gets crated a lot in the house.  Then she will chew on her bully stick or sleep.

Yes, all that drive is a wonderful thing - well - mostly.  I had to rearrange the dog room.  I had her xpen in a place right by the door and when the other dogs came in to get in their crates,  Sunny was starting to act like a maniacal tiger in a cage - bouncing - running back and forth - hitting the sides of the xpen, barking  and going crazy.  Not that nice.  So I decided she really didn't need that xpen anymore.  I took the xpen down and put her in a small wire crate away from where dogs come into the room.  Then tonight before I let the other dogs in,  I gave her something to chew on and covered her crate.  Worked like a charm - no bouncing, screaming puppy.   MANAGEMENT.  It works.

Sunny has been learning what the word NO means.  She has been pretty testy about several things lately so I have had to set her straight.  And she listens!  Well, maybe not the first time, but definitely by the second time she does show respect.  Oh, I do love my Sunny girl!  She definitely keeps me on my toes and thinking all the time.  She is just so much fun!  Before I got Sunny, Cathy and I joked about me getting a little red stinker ........cuz that is what I asked for :-D  Thanks Cathy!!  Sunny is awesome!