Saturday, March 12, 2011

Door Bells

I realized most all the pictures I have posted of Sunny are of her on the move :-D  Of course I love those shots, but thought I should post some of her being still.  So here are some pictures of Sunny's serious side.

Last night I decided to put  bells on the door and teach Sunny to ring them to go outside.  She is doing pretty good on her potty training when I am on top of it and let her out - but she hasn't figured out how to let me know.  I have just been watching for the signs.  So I put the bells on the door - they are a Christmas set with a big ring that goes over the door knob and 3 large jingle bells on a leather strap.  With clicker in hand I brought Sunny over to the door and showed her the bells and encouraged her to touch them.  When she did I clicked and treated.  I did that about five or six times in a row and then I opened the door and let her outside.  Sunny does know how to let me know when she wants in LOL!!!  I figured in a few days she would catch on to ringing the bells to go outside.

This morning I got her out of her crate and was heading to the door to let her out. Well, Sunny beat me to the door and rang the bells!  Holy cow!!  I gave her a treat and then let her outside and threw a couple more treats out the door for her to pick up.  Could she have figured that out in ONE session?

I was gone all day to a trial and had Sunny with me, so I didn't get to practice door bells.  When we came home I was fixing dinner and heard the bells jingle.  OMG - that puppy went and rang those bells to get outside.  Unbelieveable!  Tonight she went to the door several times and rang the bells to go outside.  Each time I would open the door and toss a couple treats on the doorstep.  Because she had been confined most of the day in an xpen at the trial, she was really racing around the house and playing.  I thought the bell ringing might just have been an attention getter to get some treats - but each time she also went potty.  WOW is about all I can say.