Saturday, March 19, 2011

Growing and Changing So Fast!

After going around the house trying to find a place to bury this rawhide, Sunny decided to chew on it instead.

She caught on really fast to the doorbell game!

What a poser!

Ears are definitely doing their own thing.  I took them out of wraps this morning and the left ear was not wanting to hang right, but during the day it got perfect and the right ear sprung back into the folding thing.  Back in tape tomorrow.  I had left them in tape all week and I guess I should have just left them that way.  

Sunny is having a good time with the door bells!  In and out she goes.  I really don't think she has to potty every time she goes out the door, but hey - she is not going in the house so I don't mind being a doorman LOL!  Sometimes she will go to the door and ring the bells soon after she comes in, and then look at me with a mischievous look on her face - the little stinker!

I got Sunny to run through the chute this week.  I am always working by myself so I rigged a jump at the end of the chute so the bar won't fall, and then I clipped the chute fabric on the bar so it is being held up.  It was pretty easy to get her to run through and chase her toy.  Once she did that a few times I removed the jump and she just pushed right through the fabric.  She loves doing stuff.  The other good thing is that I can switch from food to toys and back and forth in a training session and she doesn't hesitate to keep working for which ever one I have out.  Good Girl!

I have been bringing Sunny out to class at night too.  She was barking quite a bit when I would move away from her pen to help a student out in the field.  So I had one of the other student's squirt her with a bottle of water and she learned real quick - now she is quiet in her xpen during class.  She gets her turn when everyone is walking the course.  I usually have five or 6 sets during a class so she gets to come out and play tug with me and visit everyone.  I might have her do a tunnel or show off her side walking, but mostly she just gets to be out and visit.  One night she tried to do the dog walk several times and I had to run get her off.  Little smarty pants, she is very observant when the other dogs are running the course!

I hadn't had my DSLR out in a few days - I swore I had to get my taxes done first - and I did!  So tonight I got out the camera and played around a little with the flash.  I was amazed at Sunny and her posing.   She has figured out that modeling pays yummy treats and boy, was she ever co-operative.  I was amazed at how good she was for me!

And on the food thing - she is totally over the finicky thing now.  She works for all her morning kibble and never refuses it.  She eats her evening meal right away and has a hearty appetite.  I am feeding her two cups a day right now.  Seems like a lot but she isn't chubby - but she is growing fast.  I noticed in the pictures how much she has grown - seems just like in one week.