Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Road Trip

Sunny at 12 1/2 weeks old
Sunny and Flint

Seaweed is fascinating stuff!

Sunny coming around for another dive at Flint


Sunny and her friend Gracie

Sparing Partners
 I headed out to the San Martin ASCA trial a day early so that I would have time to go to the beach and visit a friend.  Sunny is a great traveler and pretty much thinks the world is hers :-)  The beach is a long ways from where I live, so we won't get to go there often, but Sunny thought it was just perfect for her.  Of course she would rather be running free - but NO WAY LOL!!!  I am sure she would just keep running and never come back at this point.  She liked the water, the sand, other dogs, seaweed and all the people walking on the beach.  Absolutely no fear.  It was cloudy and dark at the beach because a storm was moving in.  Not the best for picture taking.  Plus, I was holding that big camera and lens in one hand and Sunny attached to the flexi leash in the other hand - a photographic challenge to be sure!

We stayed with friends in Carmel Valley and Sunny got to play with Gracie, that cute little terrier mix - cutest thing I have ever seen and so photogenic.  Gracie is 9 months old and so quick and agile, she kept Sunny moving.  They played so good together.  A tired puppy is a good thing.

At the ASCA trial Sunny got to play with several other puppies too.  Her sister Halle was there and they played all day on Saturday.  We set up two xpens under my canopy for the puppies play area.  There was another pup that was born on the same day as Halle and Sunny.  They played so good together and it was so much fun to watch them.  On Sunday they had a play session in the morning and after that I felt Sunny had had enough.  She was just getting "out there."  So she hung out in her crate in the van or in the xpen WITH A LID on it.  Yes, she can jump out of a 36 inch tall pen if left by herself!

And the little dickens will take off.  On Saturday I was going to take her out for a walk  - potty time!  I was getting her harness on and she slipped out of it and got away from me.  She made a bee-line to the covered arena where the dogs were running agility.  Yikes!!  I took off after her and when she saw I was coming,  she ran even faster AWAY from me OMG!  She ran up to a Corgi and then up to a dog at the practice jump.  Fortunately both the dog and the handler were very friendly and I caught up with her there.  WHEW!!  Everyone was laughing at the puppy antics - even me.  But......Note to self.  Before putting on the harness attach the leash to the collar!

Overall, Sunny was very good at the trial site.  She met some nice big dogs, lots of people and took in all the sights and sounds of an agility trial.  I was so proud of my girl!  Both she and Halle have such good temperments.  They are both friendly and outgoing puppies.

I regret that I did not get any pictures of the sisters together.  Between me running Flint, working classes, the rain and taking care of Sunny I just didn't feel like getting out my camera.  I love my DSLR, but it is big and I have to think to use it.  I am thinking about getting a good pocket camera to fill in on those occasions when the big canon is just too much effort.