Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunny's Sunday Social

Got it!

Sunny had a really busy day socializing with all the folks who came to the agility fun runs and then the rally class after that.  I brought her out several times to visit and she loved saying hi to everyone.   She was really friendly and had kisses for everyone. 

I let her meet a few gentle dogs:  Blue the beardie, Taika the Finnish Spitz, Birch the border collie, and Jess, the Malinois.  Sunny thought it was all great fun and took all the new experiences right in stride.  She behaved herself too!

When everyone left I let her hang out with the two old girls, Tina 12 1/2 and Amie 12.  I was a little cautious about her being with Tina, who is getting a little wobbly.  Tina is still the alpha around the place though and I thought it was time Sunny met her -  I figured if Sunny got too rough I would just put her away.  The reason I was a bit concerned is because Sunny is a terror with Flint, my 3 1/2 year old BC.  Flint is a gentle soul and he just lets Sunny beat him up. Flint is 22 inches tall and 50 pounds - Sunny is 14 pounds.   She will go flying at him and grab him in the middle with a mouth full of hair and skin and just shake her head like a shark.  And Flint won't discipline her at all!  She also uses Flint's tail as a tug toy and he won't even show a tooth or growl at her.  Sissy boy ;-) 

I had let Sunny play with Amie a couple times before today, and Sunny did not do that.  Amie is a sweetie also, but she just growled a little at Sunny saying "stop that!" and Sunny did stop.  She wasn't nearly as rough with Amie.  So today when she met Tina, Sunny went belly up right off the bat.  Dang - how do they do that.  Wish I could show a tooth and get that response LOL!  Sunny was very respectful with both the old girls and she even got them to play with her a little bit.  Old Tina would chase Sunny and then Sunny would chase Tina.  We walked around the field and the three of them got along beautifully.  I was very impressed with little Sunny and how she showed the old girls that she had some social graces.

Oh, one other thing to note.  Sunny thinks she is an agility dog already!  Okay,  so she runs through tunnels on her own and has since the first day she came here.  But she will try to climb the aframe if I don't watch her.  Yesterday, when I was moving equipment for the fun runs, I took the teeter apart to move it.  I carried the board and put it down on the ground.  Sunny jumped right on that thing and walked back and forth from end to end  - the little tart!  And today, after everyone was gone and I had her out in the field by herself, I look up and Sunny is walking up the teeter and is past the middle getting to the point where it will tip!  Yikes!  I called her name and went running over there and she jumped off - about a 2 foot drop to the ground.  Holy cow and angle fish!  My little Sunny is something else :-)  I just love her!