Friday, February 18, 2011

Balance Discs and Wobble Board

The balance discs and the wobble board are great exercises

When on the self timer, the camera beeps and flashes right before it takes a picture - Sunny was fascinated by that.

There is that beeping flashing thing again.

The rain fizzled out in our area and the morning was beautiful.  So I got out the tripod, set the camera on self timer and got some pictures of Sunny on her balance boards.  The first time she got on the board was on her own.  It was out in the field and she ran over and jumped all over the thing.   She has absolutely no fear about these things.  It is also a good way to earn some food.  Oh, the food thing.........EGADS this is one smart puppy.  Here's the story.
Day 3 of N I L I F.  I am using the mixture of kibble, chicken and Natural Balance roll during the day.  Sometimes Sunny says no to the kibble pieces.  And she doesn't want the Natural Balance either!  She wants chicken.  So I am thinking this girl is really playing me and I am falling for it LOL!!  Well, yes, when she got here she was only 8 weeks old and the travel......... and I worried about the little thing and want to make sure she ate good and stayed healthy.  Well, the little dickens is pretty smart and figured me out in a hurry.  So today I decided to put a stop to this picky crap and tonight at dinner I only gave her the rest of her daily ration in a bowl and took out all the tasty treats so it was kibble only.  She turned her nose up at it of course.  I was fixing dinner and she kept coming over and getting my attention and looking REALLY adorable - but I didn't give in.  She went over and ate a little and then the same thing - comes over and lets me know something is very wrong here.  I didn't give in.  Then she goes over and starts barking at the bowl of kibble!!  Oh, it was all I could do to keep from falling on the floor in hysterics.  But I stood tough.  She finally ate the kibble.  I really love this puppy :-)

Friday is my errand day, so I took Sunny and Flint to town with me.  She is a good traveler and chewed on her bully stick or slept while waiting for me.  Flint pouts.   I took her out several times to let her potty and she was  so bold and adventurous - I love that in her.   I bought her a harness while I was in town.  I am going to the Monterey Bay area for a trial next weekend and want to take her to the beach and I am not letting her off leash at this age.  So I thought a harness would  work perfect for being on a long line and running around.  It will work good at the trial site as well. I put the harness on her when I  stopped at a park and took the two dogs for a walk.  Sunny loved that harness and pulled less than when she is in her collar - go figure.  I wish I had a video of her strutting her stuff at the park - what a prancer she can be.  She is so animated and  I was laughing at her antics.  My Sunny girl,  she has ATTITUDE.  A new nick name...Sunnytude.  List of nicknames so far:  Sun buns, buns of steel, funny sunny and I am sure the list will grow.