Thursday, February 17, 2011

Balancing Act and Cookie Recalls

Sunny getting on the balance disc - kinda hard to hold a big DSLR and  click and treat at the same time! 
The dust buster!

Slap stick games

Cookie recalls

Day two of N I L I F.  It isn't hard hand feeding Sunny her daily ration of food.  This morning I put the balance disc in the kitchen and she earned her kibble climbing around on that.  I have two of those disc and I will get out the other one tomorrow.  This is excellent work for a puppy as it gets them used to  movement and builds their confidence.  If you don't have a balance disc you can also use a box for them to climb around on.  I will get my friend Denise to get some better pictures of Sunny doing her balancing act.  Kind of hard for me, although I could set up a tripod..........hmmm.......that could happen.

A simple game for puppies is the cookie recall.  I do this in the kitchen.  I take a piece of kibble and throw it a few feet from Sunny and let her go and get it.  As soon as she does I call her name and get her to come back to me for more treats from my hand.  I am using her daily ration with bits of meat or chicken added in for some interest.  Sometimes I will hold her collar while I throw the food so she will really drive to the cookie.  You can do this game outside if you use something bigger that the pup can see, like popcorn or chunks of string cheese.  Build up the distance you toss the cookie so they have farther to run back and forth.

PROGRESS REPORTS..............Sunny is doing good with the slap sticks and retrieving - I am very happy with that progress.  Today when I walked into the dog room with her, she started to charge at Amie's crate and when I called her name she stopped and came back to me!  That was impressive!  Especially since I only got after her a couple times for that.  When I go to let her out of her xpen she is jumping everywhere wanting out.  It didn't take long for her to figure out that I would not open the door until she got down and did a sit.  Now as soon as I go to let her out she sits - such a smart girl!  The 10 foot line that I have her on in the house is working good for the potty training.