Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Developmental Notes

Flint and Sunny in the late afternoon light

Flint is so good with her

and Sunny terrorizes him too!

Off and running
I got Sunny a tag for her collar and it looks huge on her! 
Teething!  I noticed Sunny didn't want to play with her slap sticks yesterday, and she is not tugging like the shark she was a couple weeks ago.  She loves her bully sticks and rawhide roll.  She was just chewing on the ends of the sticks with the back molars but now I think the front teeth are bothering her too.  I see her working the middle of the stick and on her front teeth.
Ears went crooked yesterday and today I got a friend to hold her and I got them taped.  My second time doing them and I got them even and hanging right this time.  Not too tight and not too loose.  It is definitely a job for two people!
Potty Training is going good since I started using the 10 foot line in the house and keeping her connected to me.    In her expen in the office she has even barked a couple times and I took her outside.  Yeah!
Kicking out after she potties.  I don't know what you call that, but her little butt and back legs are getting going now after she goes potty - so funny.
Buried treasures :-)  A few days ago Sunny started burying things in her blanket, under a couch pillow or hiding something behind the filing cabinet.  It is so fun to watch them develop!