Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lock Down!

Sunny in her new office pen
Yep, Sunny is in lock down now!  OMG she is into everything LOL!!!  My other  puppies I raised using baby gates and confined them in the same room I am in.  So when I am working in the office, I would let them have the room and they would occupy themselves with toys and stuffed kongs.  Not Sunny!  She is pulling books off shelves, climbing onto and into the bookshelves, up onto the couch and chewing on lampshades...........yikes!  I am not getting anything done!  My office is really small but I rearranged stuff and put down a vinyl rug and set up an xpen.  Whew!  I can see this phase lasting a long time :-)  I am ready and just LOVE all that curiosity and energy.  What a great working dog she is going to be.

The baby gate is working for the kitchen when I am cooking - although she can climb over that thing in an instant.  I just watch her and remind her that she is not supposed to do that.  She really does try to listen and for a 10 week old puppy I think she is exceptional.  Of course I am biased :-)