Monday, April 18, 2011

Buns of Steel

We haven't worked on much new this past week.  I need to do more leash work with her, so I have been working on that.  I get lazy with leash work because of where I live, and do all my training without a leash.  Then of course when I do have to put her on a leash  she pulls.  After a couple sessions she is better already!  Sunny learns stuff really fast :-)  I have also been working on her stay.  I don't do a lot of stationary exercises in the beginning, preferring to build toy drive first.  Now that she is teething it is the perfect time to work on the obedience, and she is almost five months old too!  So she has the training thing figured out and the attention span is getting better.  She is doing great in all her training and she loves to work for me.

About 10 days ago when I took her in for her last shot she weighed 25.5 lbs.  - growing up so fast.  Right now her rear end is bigger than the front and what a rear end!  I call her my Sunny buns of steel LOL!!!  I am so impressed with how athletic and strong she is for her age.  She doesn't even run like a pup, this girl can move.  There haven't been any potty accidents in the house in a few weeks - yeah! She has quit trying to use the  lamp shades for toys, another yeah!   Taking off with my shoes is her current most fun thing to do.  Oh, and my glasses - she loves those.  She has a favorite stash spot in the geraniums so if something is missing I check there.  She loves to bury stuff - anything.  And she loves the water.  Lately I am glad her ears are hanging right because she dunks her head in the water buckets - so keeping tape on has been a challenge!  She is so much fun and keeps me laughing at her antics.