Sunday, June 12, 2011

Splash Dog

Yes, she still gets through the fence - new fence coming soon!

A little rest in the shade after playing hard this morning.
Well, she isn't ready for Splash Dog competition, but she is doing her own style of training!  I can't wait till the rivers calm down enough to take her  for some swimming lessons!

We have been busy the past month with the new job in Fresno.  But it is sure a lot of fun and having a training  place indoors is very cool!  Sunny loves training on the  mats too!  We had a small fun run at the center, just for my Star Dogs students,  and when Sunny had her turn she did awesome!!  Of course she can't do too much, but she played with me, stayed with me and did what she knows how to do.  REALLY FAST TUNNELS LOL!!!  She runs through the low tire and can do front crosses.  But she also played teeter bang games and did her touches on the contact training board.  She showed off her perchwork in public!  She is coming to the left fluidly now and will follow me staying close to my left leg as I move away from her.  I just love perchwork!!  Her heeling on both the right and left side is really good.  She can stay - OMG - my puppy can stay :-)

We are going to start an obedience class on Tuesday.  I am doing it for the exposure and socialization - it will be so good for her.  Now we will see if she can do all her behaviors some place besides at home!  Her ears are still in and out of tape and I am still determined that the right ear will match the left ear :-)

Oh, and we did go to Cayucos for the ASCA trial.  The weather was terribly windy, Flint got blown off the dogwalk and then I left!  The conditions were just too unsafe.  So we went to the windy beach instead!   That was fun.  Of course Sunny still has to be on a flexi.  But she  had a blast chasing blowing seaweed and the foam coming off the waves.  It was a good day trip - despite the wind!  It was Sunny's second time at the beach.  I didn't take my camera, but I am hoping to make a day trip down there this summer and pack the camera for some fun beach shots.